CAFRAL conference on Financial system and Macroeconomy in Emerging Economies

December 07, 2017 to December 08, 2017
Reserve Bank of India, Central Office Building, 25th Floor Conference Room, Mumbai, India
Program Schedule

Senior Researchers in the area of on macroeconomics and finance in emerging economies.

Details of the organisation

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Details of the participant

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Program Conditions

a) Funding: For presenters and discussants, we will provide a travel grant that should be adequate to cover air fare, cover local airport transfers, conference stay, and meals.
b) Participants who receive funding are expected to stay for the full duration of the conference, and may be requested to act as discussants for other papers.
c) Faculty members and doctoral students from India as well as from elsewhere who interested in these topics to attend the conference (including meals) without any charge.
d) Participants who do not have a paper or discussion in the program will not be provided any financial support.


Contact Details

Biswanath Chakraborty
PS to Director
+91-22-2269 4581/+91-22-2269 4584  

Vasanti Panshikar
Admin Officer (Research)
 +91-22-2269 4584


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