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ABFER-CAFRAL Joint Session on Finance in India (Economic Transformation of Asia)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

ABFER 5th Annual Conference 22nd–25th May 2017 is being held at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. The associated 4th Asian Monetary Policy Forum, 2017 is on 26th May, 2017. 

This year, the speakers include Dr. Ragharam Rajan, ex-Governor of RBI. CAFRAL will be co-hosting with ABFER a session in this conference.  
ABFER is an institute founded by academics from Asia, North America, and Europe and is an independent network of high-quality academics akin to the NBER/CEPR. It also provides an opportunity to develop research capabilities in finance and economic research groups in academic and other institutions such as central banks in Asia-Pacific. The ABFER organizes an annual conference every year to promote Asia-Pacific research in finance and economics. It is attended by globally prominent academic researchers, practitioners, central bankers and public policy decision-makers on Asia-Pacific related financial and economic issues.
Globally Prominent Academic Researchers, Practitioners, Central Bankers and Public Policy Decision-Makers on Asia-Pacific related Financial and Economic issues.

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