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CALP Alumni Meet 2015

Learning, Leadership & Strategy

Friday, May 15, 2015
Vasundhara Samovar Premiere, Alleppey District, Alappuzha, Kerala

To provide an opportunity to CALP Alumni at senior management positions in banks to share their experiences.

Attendees of the past three batches of CAFRAL Advanced Leadership Program (CALP).

The CAFRAL Advanced Leadership Program (CALP) was conceived in 2012 as an innovative program tailored for senior management of banks in India to provide them with a unique opportunity to expand their strategic thinking and equip them to be effective leaders and lead their banks in an increasingly competitive environment.

This is now an annual flagship program from CAFRAL and three editions have been conducted in November 2012, November 2013 and February 2015. The three batches have seen 69 senior level bankers from 25 Public and Private Sector Banks participating.

Most of the past attendees of this prestigious program hold senior management positions in various banks as CMD, DMD, ED, CFO and CRO.

CAFRAL organised an Alumni meet for CALP participants of all past three programs at Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere, Alleppey, Kerala on May 15, 2015. The meet was well attended by participants from all three batches. Some of the participants shared how this program has been instrumental in shaping their leadership qualities and honing their understanding of emerging issues impacting banking.

B K Batra, Deputy Managing Director, IDBI Bank

"Programs like CALP and the Alumni Meet bring together various bankers and create a feeling of warmth and connectedness. I have been of the view that we senior bankers need to increase this connectedness. We have individual thinking and viewpoints, but it does not get consolidated anywhere, and is not carrying the sort of leverage it should carry. We must come together and share our issues and problems. It is even more important in tough times, as we can support each other. So the idea of CALP and Alumni meet is a great idea. We must take it forward and commend it."

V Murali, Deputy Managing Director, State Bank of India (CALP 2012 participant)

“When I came for the CAFRAL Advanced Leadership Program in 2012, I was about to take a “Audit Restructuring” proposal to the Board. The Board Exercise at CALP gave me confidence to do so. I have been able to navigate and implement the plan successfully. In fact, we got appreciation!”

Melwin Rego, Deputy Managing Director, IDBI Bank (CALP 2013 participant)

“It is my earnest feeling that every senior banker in the country, whether from the public sector, the private sector, or from foreign banks, should be deputed to attend this wonderful CALP program. They will gain immensely from this, and the time spent here will help to enhance their performance, and in turn, the performance of the bank they represent. CAFRAL and CALP have made a big difference to the lives of so many bankers, and I am fortunate to be among that lot of bankers.”

R K Takkar, Executive Director, Dena Bank (CALP 2013 participant)

"I got my elevation after I attended this program. As soon as I joined Dena Bank as Executive Director, we announced the quarterly results, and I had to attend the press conference and analyst meet. The virtual press and analyst meet we had at CALP really helped me a lot in facing the press and the analysts. The other very important thing I learnt at CALP was time management which is very important at this level.”

Gauri Shankar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Punjab National Bank (CALP 2013 participant)

“I had completed just one and a half months as Executive Director of Punjab National Bank when I came and attended this program, and my outlook got broadened manifolds. I came to know many things which I never knew. Of course, one very important aspect of this program is that we become closer to one another, and a group is formed of very senior people from banks.”

Anuradha Rao, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India (CALP 2015 participant)

“The experience has been wonderful. A lot of attention has been paid to every single aspect of the program, including sequencing and structuring of the sessions. We got tremendous insights into emerging regulatory areas, where risks emanate from, how they are to be handled, etc. CAFRAL has really put its mind to selection of speakers, nailing it in every case. There was personal interaction with people who have put technology to use, and also a lab kind of environment, where at the end of the session we felt empowered to address our own needs as an organisation. All the case studies too were similarly structured, where they dealt with real life situations, but the sessions had prepared us with very potent tools we could use to address the issues being raised. The program has been designed and executed with wonderful insight.”

K P Nair, Executive Director, IDBI Bank (CALP 2015 participant)

"I am extremely impressed with CALP 2015. The program is unique in various ways, especially for people who are at, or are aspiring to be at the top management of banks. In a very short period, CAFRAL has managed to educate us on what are the skills required at this level, how do we go about acquiring them, how do we translate this skills into real-time banking. I think it is very critical that they go through a program of this nature."

Supritha Shetty, Senior General Manager, ICICI Bank (CALP 2015 participant)

"I am absolutely delighted and privileged to be a part of CALP 2015. I think this is one of the best training programs I have ever gone through in my life. It is not just about the training, I think it is the whole ecosystem, the way the whole program has been put together, and the kind of people who are attending this program along with me from other banks including the public sector banks and private sector banks. I think that’s a huge learning experience, both inside the classroom and outside the classroom."

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