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Roundtable on Strategy for Malware, Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation for Banks (in association with not-for-profit research wing of eSF Labs Ltd.)

Learning, Risk Management

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Conference Room, C-7 / First Floor, Reserve Bank of India, BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400051


Cyber and data security for malware and digital forensics remain a priority issue for banks. Criminals are constantly searching for creative new ways to obtain money from banks and customers through fraud and cyber security vulnerabilities. And as consumers and businesses rely more on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones to bank and shop online, vulnerabilities increase.


The Roundtable will provide insight into capacity building in the cyber security management in banking sector, emerging trends in cyber security management, exploring the drivers and challenges around cyber security and strategizing to manage the risks and the road ahead.

No participations fees for the program. Participation is by invitation only.

Program Co-ordinators
Ravi Sangvai

Program Director
+91 90960 85079
S Purushothaman
Program Officer
+91 22 2657 1027

Nimesh Gopiyani
Program Officer
+91 98205 54675

This roundtable conference is being organized for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), IT Heads, Executive Directors and General Managers of commercial banks.

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