Program on Financial Frauds & Forensic Audit
Learning, Risk Management

Thursday, October 25, 2018 to Friday, October 26, 2018
Classroom, Taj Lands’ End, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Program Objective

Incidences of fraud are continuously rising in the financial sector. Monitoring operations for prevention of frauds and their early or timely detection demand unique expertise with multidisciplinary learning even at the senior levels. The Program provides an excellent opportunity to the senior and middle management officials of the banks and NBFCs for a rounded learning on financial frauds (FFs) especially those in large borrowal accounts and investment operations, digital frauds and cyber frauds. The program seeks to impart learning on Forensic Audit from technical and technological perspectives to demonstrate among others its potential contribution to legal and financial resolution of fraud cases. Participants will get opportunities to hear and discuss with top management/ senior functionaries of CVC, RBI, CBI, banks, forensic auditors and legal experts.

Broad coverage of the workshop

·      Overview of conceptual, operational, regulatory, legal, accounting and risk management aspects of financial fraud (FF)-Financial crime, suspected fraud and fraud-diversities and complexities in FF modus operandi

·        Monitoring, detection, reporting ,investigation and prevention of FFs - FFs in large borrowal accounts and investment operations – cases and discussion

·        Digital frauds and cyber frauds- tools, techniques, technologies- monitoring, prevention, detection and investigation – cases and discussions

·         Forensic Audit (FA) - basics – internal control machinery –capacity and utility - governance

·         FA - Processes, techniques and tools -Tradition technologies / technology solutions –advanced technologies

·         Legal and Financial Resolutions of FF based on FA outcomes –cases and discussions 

·         Delivery capacity of FA - Panel discussion amongst forensic auditor, police investigator and legal expert

Participants Profile

Senior officials in charge of fraud monitoring units, Chiefs of the Vigilance Department, Operational Risk Management Department/ Fraud Risk Management Function/ Financial Crime Risk Management Function and Compliance Officers of banks and NBFCs

Rs. 40,000/- + @18% GST

Address N/A Timing 09:00 AM

Program Conditions

a) Program fee is payable before the program.
b) Nomination may be cancelled up to five days before the program.
c) Organisation may depute another officer for the program, if the nominated person cannot attend the program.
d) Last date of filing nomination October 19, 2018


Contact Details

Pramod Kumar Panda

Sr. Program Director

+91-22-2657 1044/+91-9130014460  


Vinita Jain

Program Officer
+91-22-2657 1019/+91-9892883647  


D G Kulkarni


Program Officer
+91-22-2657 109/+91-9869021640

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