Program on Enterprise Risk Management

Thursday, August 29, 2019 to Friday, August 30, 2019
Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, India

Program Objective

Enterprise wide Risk Management (ERM) enables the banks and financial institutions to move away from the “silo” approach to risk management towards the “holistic” view of enterprise wide risks.

Besides managing the overarching risks, enterprise wide risks and risks in the overlapping spaces ERM sets the tone for risk governance and planting & nourishing of risk culture, and uniformity in risk language across the organizations. It reconciles the divergences & contradictions amongst different assumptions and underlying data sets used by different risk groups to build analytical models for the management of risks within their own silos.

ERM helps the banks and financial institutions eliminate the duplications and redundancies in risks & related control procedures that exist mainly because different groups define same risk differently and implement independent control procedures.

The program aims at strengthening and reinforcing the learning of the participants about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Program Highlights

Key topics and issues to be covered in the Program are the following: 

·         An overview of ERM, Integrated Risk management  and Traditional Risk Management

·         Creating a standardized enterprise-wide risk framework i.e. views of risks, including common definitions, assumptions and analytics

·         Setting risk objectives – alignment with corporate objectives, risk appetite and culture

·         ERM & Pillar 2 of Basel II and Basel III

·         Strategic Risk , Business Risk and Reputational Risk

·         Developing organization wide risk culture and promoting use of common risk language

·         Technology risks, cyber risks, outsourcing risks etc.

·         ERM Solutions

Participants Profile

Officers at the level of AGM and above associated with credit, market and operational risk management in banks, FIs & NBFCs.

Rs. 40,000/- + @18% GST

Address N/A Timing 09:00 AM

Program Conditions

· Program fee is payable before the program.
· Nomination may be cancelled up to seven working days before the program.
· Organisation may depute another officer for the program, if the nominated person cannot attend the program.
· Program fee will not be refunded, if the nomination is cancelled within seven days of the program.
· 30 Seats only on first come first serve basis


Contact Details

 Pramod Kumar Panda

Senior Program Director

+91-22-2657 1044/+91-9130014460  




For nominations related query, please contact program officer


Pushpalata Nadar
Program Officer
+91-22-2657 1014/+91-7709575481  


Charulatha Ramesha

Program and Relationship Officer

+91-22-2657 1036/+91-9049045810 

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