Program for Non-Executive Directors on the Boards of Banks

Learning Event, Leadership & Strategy
Monday, October 14, 2019 to Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Vivanta by Taj, Panaji
Non–Executive Directors on the Boards of Banks

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to focus on current issues and challenges faced by banks including those relating to governance, risk, compliance, business strategy, asset quality and capital planning. The program would also cover other topics like role of directors on various committees, banking sector outlook, improving the credit flow and managing risks in lending to MSME, housing and auto sectors, financial markets and managing systemic risk arising on account of inter-linkages between banks, NBFCs and Mutual Funds. The aim of the program would essentially be to sensitise the directors on various issues of current focus so as to improve their effectiveness on the boards of banks.

Broad outline of the program

1.         Governance, Risk and Compliance in banks

2.         Role and responsibilities of Directors in various committees

3.         Banking sector:

          Outlook on asset quality and credit growth

          Inter-linkages between banks, NBFCs & Mutual Funds – managing the systemic risk

          Capital planning and liquidity management

4.         Current challenging times - need for improving the governance and business strategy

          Business models – is it time to have a differentiated approach by banks?

Ø  Corporate v/s Retail

5.         Improving the credit flow and managing risks in lending to MSME, housing and auto sectors

6.         Financial markets overview; Managing risks in treasury and making treasury a profit centre

7.         Resolution of stressed assets – IBC and recent developments

8.         Digitisation in banks

   9.         Sharing of experiences by Directors

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 09:30 AM

Photo Gallery

  • Group Photo
  • M P Baliga, Sr. Program Director, CAFRAL
  • B Sriram Former MD,  State Bank of India
  • Program Participants
  • G Srinivas, ICICI Bank
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Participant
  • Panel Discussion
  • Program Participants
  • Panel Discussion
  • Program Participants
  • Participants
  • Radha Shyam Ratho, CGM, RBI
  • Narendra Singhal, Former CRO, PNB
  • G Padmanabhan, Non-Executive Chairman, Bank of India
  • Program Participants
  • Adikesavan, CGM, SBI
  • Participant
  • Sujoy Banerjee, DGM, Department of Banking Supervision, RBI
  • Jay Surti, Special Consultant, Reserve Bank of India
  • Badal Chandra Das, Dy. Managing Director, Internal Audit, State Bank of India
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