Conference of Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Risk Management: Managing Non Financial Risks

Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Rendezvous, Hotel Taj Mahal Tower, Colaba, Mumbai


Individual financial institutions face significant risks and have seen failures, despite adoption of sophisticated approaches, increasing regulatory oversight and intensive use of technology. Even recent losses and market events did not emanate from traditional market, credit or operational risks in financial institutions’ portfolios, but from Non-Financial Risks whether related to non-compliance, IT, reputational, cybersecurity or operational challenges.  The key challenges relate to the difficulty in quantifying non-financial risks and the complexity of incorporating them into the existing risk management and risk appetite frameworks.  Risk management in any institution becomes more effective, when risk is approached at an enterprise level, embedding risk culture and governance in the risk management framework. The digitization and automation of risk management has also eased the identification and tracking of risks. Managing emerging non-financial risks also necessitates an enhanced level of compliance to various legal and regulatory requirements

It is, therefore, important that at leadership level in banks and other financial institutions there is sufficient understanding and knowledge about the full risk profiles of their institutions and on the exposures which need active management. 


This Conference would provide a forum to the heads of banks’ risk function to meet and discuss the emerging issues and new challenges surrounding risk management against the backdrop of financial sector developments.

Program Highlights:

The Conference will deal with the following:

  • Building A Risk Culture and Risk Governance
  • Model/Framework for Managing Non-Financial Risks
  • Climate Change Risk: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Information Technology, Data & Cyber Security Risks
  • Outsourcing Risk

Participants Profile

Chief Risk Officers, Heads of Risk Management Departments, Head of ERM, Senior Officials in Risk Management Department of Banks, NBFCs & FIs.

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