Program on Digital Lending: Technologies, Processes and Regulations

Learning Event, Bank Management
Monday, August 17, 2020 to Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Online CISCO WebEx - Virtual Learning Program
Senior and Top management of banks, including board members of banks, NBFCs and Lending Platforms working in the area of digital transformation, digital strategy, digital lending, audit &inspection and compliance.

Background: Digital Lending (DL) can potentially bring about exponential change in financial intermediation. A private sector joint study states that in India DL to MSMEs alone can grow upto seven lakh crore by 2023. To start with, GST reform and India Stack had created the operating environment for more inclusive lending with little or no physical interface. This was supplemented by host of regulatory initiatives such as those on Digital KYC, P2P Lending and industry level collaboration between Banks/ NBFCs and FinTechs.  The pandemic has provided further impetus to DL as it allows business to be conducted remotely. While there has been a good growth in the area of DL, the RBI guidelines issued in June, 2020 on fair leading practices in DL is timely. There is an urgent need for Banks and NBFCs to put in place more effective controls, compliance and risk management.

Objective: The program seeks to first provide the participants with a snapshot of the entire DL ecosystem. Then it will drill down to both policy and practical aspects of the business models, risks, regulations and technologies surrounding DL. It will provide a platform to the participants for peer learning and professional networking.

Broadly the following aspects will be covered:

        Environment: Growth, Trends, Customer Segments, Prospects and Road Blocks

        Technology: Alternate Data, Digital Lending (DL) Platforms, Business Models & products

        Regulations & Law: Issues in DL

        DL for Home Loans : Use Case

        DL for MSME: Use Case

Program Description
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