CAFRAL Virtual Program on Lending to Agro-MSMEs

Learning Event, Business Strategy
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Online CISCO WebEx
Senior Officials of Banks, FIs & NBFCs working in the areas of strategy, lending policy formulation, Credit Officers focussed on lending to Agro & MSME sector etc. Directors on the boards of Banks/FIs & NBFCs.


Agro-MSMEs, which operate in the intersection of Agriculture and MSME sectors, form many commercially viable and socially impactful value chains, seamlessly linking the rural with the urban sector. Again, Agro-MSMEs make immense contribution in addressing environmental challenges and climate change risk, and also hold promise for the development of the rural economy in a sustainable manner. 

Given its contribution to the GDP, exports and employment share, the sector’s health is crucial to the economy’s vitality and society’s well-being. To help actualize the sector’s true economic potential, various policy initiatives have been put in place. There is also scope for further innovations in agri-value chains, leveraging the use of technology. In this scenario, financing of Agro-MSMEs becomes a profitable proposition.


Considering the importance of the Agro-MSME sector to the economy and the country, it is imperative for senior officials in the financial sector to understand the various enablers in the form of policy and regulations available to this sector, technical aspects of Agro-MSME financing and the significant contribution which the sector can make to the profitability of financial intermediaries.  Sensitizing bankers to the importance of this crucial activity will accelerate and enhance penetration of growth to the interior areas. 

Program Highlights:

The Virtual Program will deal with the following:

  • Policy developments relating to Agriculture, MSMEs and Agro-MSMEs
  • Financing Agri-MSME value chains
  • Co-lending model for Agro-MSME financing
  • Green finance strategy in Agro-MSME lending
  • Leveraging Technology in Agro-MSME lending

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 09:45 AM-05:45 PM
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