CAFRAL Virtual Learning Program on Agro-MSME Lending

Learning Event, Bank Management
Thursday, September 24, 2020 to Friday, September 25, 2020
Online CISCO WebEx - Virtual Learning Program
Top and Senior Level Officers of Banks, Financial Institutions , NBFCs working in the areas of strategy setting, lending policy formulation, priority sector lending, MSME financing, agri-lending


Agro-MSMEs, which operate in the intersection of Agriculture and MSME sectors, can be powerful vehicles of growth in the post-pandemic environment. The CAFRAL VLP seeks to build a business case for lending profitably to the Agro-MSMEs as they hold a promise for the development of the rural economy in a sustainable and impactful manner. The program would cover policy developments and innovation in the Agro-MSME sector with some inputs on the technical aspects of agri-MSME financing.

This VLP will deal with MSME financing from three perspectives: objectives of financing, borrower categories and financed assets or targets. Broadly, following topics and issues will be covered:

      Policy and economic developments relating to agriculture, MSMEs and Agro-MSMES

     Discussions on financing MSMES for higher productivity, lower post-harvest losses, climate change adaptation, increase access to markets, exploration of new markets

      Financing traditional agri value chains: linkages with MSMEs, FPOs

      Financing super value chains : linkages with agri-entrepreneurs, agritechs and fintechs

      Financing post-harvest systems and sustainable production systems

      Lending to impact agriculture and social enterprises

      Financing market infrastructure linked to agriculture and MSMEs

      Experience and knowledge sharing with new age Agro MSMEs

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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