CAFRAL Virtual Learning Program on Financial Frauds & Forensic Audit

Learning Event, Risk Management
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 to Thursday, March 3, 2022
Online CISCO WebEx
Senior officials working in the areas of Fraud Monitoring , Fraud Risk Management, Financial Crime Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, Vigilance and Compliance in Banks, Financial Institutions and NBFCs


Incidences of Financial Frauds in large loan accounts with huge financial loss implications have sharply risen in recent times. Digital & cyber frauds are also on the rise with increasing use of technology. Money laundering and fraudulent transactions in deposit accounts, loan accounts and trade transactions with characteristics of financial crime can attract PMLA and have regulatory & reputational risk implications. Banks and financial institutions need to, therefore, put in place an enterprise wide financial crime risk management framework for mitigation and prevention. What potentially strengthens this framework is quick and comprehensive investigation and audit. Particularly, in many cases, what is imperative is to identify the control failures and uncover the trails, gather evidence, trace the funds/assets, achieve financial resolution and prosecution. Forensic audit, which helps accomplish these multiple goals, is a highly complex, specialized and multidisciplinary function which is usually outsourced by financial intermediaries. Therefore, their internal senior staff ought to have a good understanding of the way forensic audit works.

Program Highlights

Participants will be exposed to the above developments, issues and aspects through virtual classroom sessions, case studies, panel discussions and experience sharing. Key topics/aspects to be covered in the Program are: 

  • Financial Frauds and Financial Crimes - Recent developments and issues
  • Fraud Monitoring, Detection and Reporting: Supervisory expectations
  • Modern Day Frauds and Financial Crimes - Case studies
  • Balance Sheet Manipulation and Forensic Accounting
  • Cybercrimes, UPI frauds and IP Theft
  • Digital Assets and Money Laundering
  • Fraud Audit, Fraud Investigation and Forensic Audit
  • Forensic Audit: Techniques and tools
  • Auditing Trade Based Money Laundering and Fraud
  • Excel Techniques for Conducting Fraud Risk Assessments with Forensic Tools, Data Analytics, Red Flag Case Studies
  • Methods of Investigation and Audit -  Computer Assisted Audit Techniques for Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Digital Investigation and Digital Forensic- Forensic imaging, analyzing the data, network analysis, email tracing, development of "Exhibits" for use in court – Case studies
  • Banking Malware Trends & Investigation - Tools and techniques

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 09:45 AM - 05:45 PM
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