CAFRAL Virtual Learning Program on Governance and Assurance for Directors on the Boards of Banks and Financial Institutions

Learning Event, Governance
Thursday, March 10, 2022 to Friday, March 11, 2022
Online CISCO WebEx
Directors on the Boards of Banks and Financial Institutions.


The Board of Directors (BOD) is ultimately responsible for effective governance of a Bank or a Financial Institution. Primarily, the BOD builds its capability to govern through three streams of assurance functions (risk management, compliance and audit). This necessitates critical evaluation by the Board of these functions and giving directions from time to time for improving the credibility and quality of assurance. The BOD must seek vital information on strategies, emerging risks, controls and processes relating to both business and assurance functions. Also, the BOD must function as a collective entity through meaningful exchange of views and powerful deliberations amongst individual Directors in the Board room and outside. Accordingly, what is crucial is that the Directors build their capacity through continuous learning on current and emerging issues on macroeconomic, financial sector, markets, business, regulatory and legal developments that potentially impact the financial intermediation business in general and the concerned institution in particular.


This program seeks to enhance Board effectiveness through insightful inputs on policy and practical aspects of Board governance and functioning, diving deep into some of the core and strategic issues which should engage the attention of Boards.

The discussions in this program will be led by top professionals with expertise on the issues and rich domain experience.


This two day learning program will have three building blocks - the first block would deal with macro and strategic aspects, the second block would update the participants on a range of issues surrounding assurance functions and the third block would deal with technical and behavioural aspects of governance including the following. 

  • Macroeconomic, market and business developments relating to Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Advanced technologies and financial intermediation business
  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • Conflict of Interest, Related Party Transactions, Insider Trading and Disclosures
  • Balance Sheet Management - Linkages with systemic liquidity
  • Strategic aspects of Assurance Functions- Risk Management, Compliance and Audit
  • Leads in Business and Lags in Controls- Governance of gaps
  • Risk Based Supervision- How Governance and Assurance are assessed
  • Behavioural dynamics of Board functioning
  • ESG and Responsible Governance
  • Digital Lending
  • Financial Crime Risk Management
  • MSME Lending - New Frontiers

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 9:45 AM - 5:45 PM

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  • Mahesh Kumar Jain, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India
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