CAFRAL Virtual Leadership Program on Advanced Technologies

Learning Event,
Monday, March 28, 2022
Online CISCO WebEx
• Whole Time Directors and Non-Executive Directors • CTOs, CIOs, CROs, CFOs, CCOs & Heads of internal audit and their senior team members • Heads of business functions/ verticals • Senior Officers associated with digital transformation, digitalization and data analytics


Advanced Technologies are increasingly redefining the structure, function, organisational culture and operating environment of financial intermediaries. While strategically calibrated adoption of advanced technologies could, on the one hand, significantly enhance the efficiency of banks and financial institutions, on the other hand, it is tending to unleash severe competition from new institutions with the risk of even significantly disintermediating banks and financial institutions. Also, advanced technologies could potentially redefine the very basic building blocks of financial intermediation through the channels of open banking, platform economies, blockchain based processes and controls. Advanced Technologies have a huge potential to radically transform business models, processes and products in the financial sector. Leaders in the financial sector need to understand both the basics in these matters as also the potentially transformational role advanced technologies could play in the financial sector.


This one day virtual leadership program seeks to expose participants to certain key aspects of the current and future impact of advanced technologies on banks and FIs, both at systemic and institution levels. At the same time, it seeks to sensitize participants on the need for reviewing the existing assurance framework and control architecture using, inter alia, new technologies to redesign them, as business functions adopt advanced technologies.

Program Highlights:

The program would cover the following topics and aspects:

  • Banks, Fintechs and Platform Economies
  • Open Banking: API, Account Aggregation
  • Use of Predictive and Stream Data Analytics for Risk Decision Making
  • Digital Lending: Banks and Credit Fintechs
  • Use of Blockchain in Cross Border Transactions and Remittances
  • UI and UX Design through Advanced Technology for Customer Centricity
  • Blockchain Technology for Financial Control and Reporting
  • Advanced technological solutions for regulatory, governance, controls and compliance issues: RegTechs and Suptechs

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 9:45 AM - 5:45 PM
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