CAFRAL- RBI Research Orientation Program

Research Event, Policy and Regulation
Saturday, August 11, 2018 to Sunday, August 12, 2018
Baghvan, Pench National Park, Nagpur
Senior Researchers CAFRAL and RBI, SRU

Saturday, August 11

9.25 am Welcome and Opening Remarks

9.30 am                John Leahy, University of Michigan, Demographic effects on the impact of monetary policy

10.15 am              Saurabh Ghosh-Pawan Gopalakrishnan, SRU, Bank recapitalization in a DSGE framework

10.55 am              Abhinav Narayanan-Shekhar Tomar, SRU, Trade developments in India

11.25 am              COFFEE BREAK

11.45 am              D. Suganthi, DEPR, Interlinked transactions in credit-output markets in India

12.25 pm              Soumya Bhadury, SRU, Research on nowcasting Indian GVA growth

1.05 pm                LUNCH

2.00 pm                S.K. Ritadhi, DBS, Can investment tax credits alleviate financial constraints?

2.40 pm                Gautham Udupa, CAFRAL, Gains from trade with heterogeneous agents

3.20 pm                COFFEE BREAK

3.45 pm                Apoorva Javadekar, CAFRAL, Adverse selection in mutual funds

4.25 pm                Satadru Das, SRU, Dollar swap lines: economics or politics?

5.05 pm                Anand Srinivasan, Additional Director, CAFRAL, Unintended consequences of government bailouts

5.35 PM                ADJOURN

Sunday, August 12

11.15 am              Amartya Lahiri, Director, CAFRAL, Convergence across castes

11.45 am              Abhishek Ranjan, SRU, Macroscopic fundamental traffic diagram

12.25 pm             Viral Acharya, Deputy Governor, RBI, The anatomy of the transmission of macroprudential policies

1.10 pm                Thanks and Closing Remarks

Address N/A Timing 09:25 AM

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