Conference of Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and Chief Learning Officers (CLOs): To Build a Future Ready Workforce

Learning Event,
Thursday, January 18, 2024
Ballroom, Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba, Mumbai
Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and Heads of their Teams


The financial sector is at an inflection point of evolution where technology is unsettling the earlier business processes with digital transformation and generative AI facilitating hyper-personalization. Customer behavior and choices are undergoing significant changes. This casts enormous responsibilities on CHROs and CLOs, making their role more strategic, to lead organisational redesign, enhance employee & customer experience and build knowledge driven learning entities. A vision needs to be developed which encompasses the institution’s structure, strategy, systems, staff and regulatory compliance spectrum. 

Conference Objective:

The Conference of CHROs and CLOs aims at bringing together visionary leaders who would shape their future work force. The objective is also to obtain feedback on the way forward and appreciate the learning gaps to further enhance the professional awareness and capabilities of senior executives and top management of banks who would be the future leaders in the financial sector.

Conference Highlights

The Conference will deal with the following topics:

        Leadership Challenges in the evolving ecosystem

        Learning Gaps and Developing Capabilities – Role of CAFRAL

        Significance of emerging technologies – Role of HR in managing the Learning gap

        Enhancing applications of evolving HR practices in Financial Institutions

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 09:45 AM-01:30 PM
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