Conference of Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Risk Management: Managing Non Financial Risks

December 20, 2023
Rendezvous, Hotel Taj Mahal Tower, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Group Photo
  • C Sankaranarayanan, Senior Program Director, CAFRAL
  • Indrani Banerjee, Additional Director, CAFRAL
  • Jayant Kumar Dash, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India
  • Program Participants
  • Deep Narayan Mukherjee, Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Program Participants
  • Akhilesh Tuteja, Partner & National Leader, Cyber Security, KPMG India
  • Program Participants
  • Dhruba Purkayastha, Director, Climate Policy Initiative, India
  • Anjan Ghosh, Senior Advisor, Climate Policy Initiative, India
  • Sunil T S Nair, Chief General Manager, Sustainable Finance Group, Reserve Bank of India
  • Bhavendra Kumar, Executive Director, Canara Bank
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