CAFRAL Program on Governance and Assurance for Directors on Boards of Banks, FIs and NBFCs

Learning Event, Governance
Thursday, January 5, 2023
Ballroom, The Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai
• Directors on the Boards of Banks, Financial Institutions and NBFCs • Top Management Executives from Banks, FIs and NBFCs


The Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for effective governance of Banks, Financial Institutions (FIs) and NBFCs. Strategic oversight by the BoD on assurance functions besides the ability to seek / extract vital information, identify emerging risks and address control and process issues enhances its function and credibility. Furthermore, the BoD needs to be dynamic and keep track of emerging trends, have an efficient feedback mechanism and the ability to accommodate divergent views. Each board member must meet fit and proper criteria, have a good grasp of risk management practices, compliance functions, audit processes and legal & regulatory aspects of corporate governance. Taken together, these features would assist in developing a robust process-based management, establish a policy based governance system and enable the BoD to attune with the vision, mission and goals of the organization.


It is thus crucial for Banks, FIs and NBFCs at the Board level to have the necessary behavioural and technical competencies, the ability to devise relevant strategies, business models and assurance functions, be more than aware of the extant regulations, the existing legal framework and supervisory expectations and be mindful of governance standards. This program seeks to enhance board effectiveness through inputs on policy and practical aspects of Board governance and functioning, delving deep into some of the core and strategic issues that should engage the Board’s attention. It would offer opportunities to interact with regulators and industry leaders on challenges and remedial measures on Governance and Assurance issues.

Program Highlights:

Following topics will be deliberated upon in the Program:

  • Governance and Assurance Functions in Banks, FIs and NBFCs
  • Risk Based Supervision - Assessment of Governance Standards and Compliance Functions
  • Corporate Governance Framework in Banks, FIs and NBFCs
  • Ethical Performance and Value Oriented Decisions
  • Behavioral Dynamics of Board Functioning
  • Governance Challenges in use of Advanced Technologies in Financial Intermediation

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 09:45 AM-05:45 PM

Photo Gallery

  • Group Photo
  • Jyoti Kumar Pandey, Senior Program Director, CAFRAL
  • Indrani Banerjee, Additional Director, CAFRAL
  • J K Dash, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India
  • Program Participants
  • L-R: Indrani Banerjee and J K Dash
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • G Mahalingam, Former Whole Time Director, SEBI
  • Program Participants
  • Nagesh Pinge, Independent Director, Aditya Birla Capital
  • Program Participants
  • Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Former Chairman, Bank of Baroda
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Dr. Vijay Singh Shekhawat, Chief General Manager, Department of Supervision, Reserve Bank of India
  • Program Participants
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